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Market Process and Rules

  • The Sellers and Buyers have to register themselves on the Eco emarket market place by providing the necessary KYC documents
  • On obtaining the marketplace subscription NCDEX would register them as 'Associates' and provide them access to the terminals
  • Eco eMarket would ensure training on the terminals and provide the various Do's and Don't's, Auction Types, Contract details, dispute resolution mechanisms etc.,
  • The seller will indicate the product to be sold as per quality norms, indicating the quantity available and the price thereto on the Marketplace
  • The seller would be able view the various rates, buyers and products online
  • Buyers in turn would provide indication of interests
  • When price matching occurs, offline transfer of goods happen
  • Once the buyer certifies that goods have been received in correct quantity and quality, NCDEX clears balance payment to the seller