ZECOMY is driven by a purpose of bridging the divide in the waste management eco system to bring digital transformation for sustainability and circular economy.
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ZECOMY offers a Technology based B2B solution for waste management. Our platform helps companies find best value for their waste while staying compliant and responsible in their disposals. Our commitment to sustainability guides all our efforts and we are critical to companies to achieve their ESG goals. We also bring process structure and professionalism into the disorganised world of waste disposals using a smart cloud-based platform anywhere anytime. ZECOMY’s Vision is ZERO WASTE ECONOMY through “CRADLE to CRALDE” approach!

Presently many types of scraps/waste are disposed through ZECOMY bringing ONE-STOP solution for multi-location, multi- segment waste disposals. In specific, predominant disposals are ewaste, lead battery, plastic, metal scraps, office and industrial scraps, packaging materials, rubber products. ZECOMY platform can handle any type of waste anywhere anytime through its robust workflow and smart cloud platform. ZECOMY’s waste audit services will help to understand entire lifecycle of waste generation and map the waste stream from circularity perspective to maximise Waste to Value as well Sustainability aspects. ZECOMY is also pioneer in taking large scale office, plant release or relocation activities through its project management and process oriented tools to derive best value as well establishing the traceability of material flow through to refurbish/ recycle.

ZECOMY is a safe marketplace, provides reduced time cycle for trade, provides transparent automated system, auditability, strong technical support, auction/bidding faculity and attractive offers. From waste buyer perspective they have access to numerous sellers at one place without having to spend time marketing their facility/firm. From seller perspective numerous buyers and offer prices to choose from. There is no waste, everything has value!

ZECOMY is a safe digital platform, provides reduced time cycle for disposal, provides transparent automated system, auditability, and circularity. ZECOMY helps its partner sellers find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals. From partner buyers perspective ZECOMY brings unlimited business opportunity without spending much on marketing as long as the buyer partners are practicing transparent process and align to sustainability aspects.

Only registered members are allowed to carry out business on ZECOMY platform.

ZECOMY contract notes contain details of price discovery, special terms and conditions, asset details, delivery procedures, required compliance etc., for each disposal.

Registered buyer on ZECOMY buy the waste as per the compliance norms stipulated by the Pollution Control Board and should satisfy all the licenses, regulations and process norms to qualify for any particular stream of waste.

No. ZECOMY will not reveal the identity of the buyers who have participated in the auction.

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