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Zecomy, operating under the legal name Eco eMarket, is a trailblazer in the zero waste economy, focusing on responsible and sustainable disposal of dry industrial waste through its smart B2B digital cloud platform. The platform connects waste generators with PCB authorized buyers, ensuring transparent, traceable, and compliant disposal of various waste categories. Zecomy has successfully recycled and refurbished over 12,000 metric tons of waste, achieving 98% recycled output and avoiding 14,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. The company has partnered with over 100 B2B clients across 19 industry sectors and built a network of over 500 authorized recyclers and refurbishers. The platform effectively channels waste from over 250 cities across 24 states, demonstrating its ability to meet business demands and foster a sustainable future.

Zecomy remains dedicated to innovation and expansion, providing comprehensive waste management solutions while contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Join Zecomy on its journey to create a sustainable future and join the circular economy revolution.

Leading Sustainability - Project Amplify Interview

Zecomy is a part of Project Amplify, a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Project Amplify focuses on working with startups in the sustainability and impact space. In 2022, Lathika Pai, who heads startup partnerships at Microsoft, interviewed our CEO about how Zecomy is empowering a zero-waste economy through technology. 

Watch the video….


Management & Advisory Team

30+ years CXO roles @ StanChart, CRDS, Deutsche Bank, ANZ, Social Impact start-ups in last 10 years

Pejavar Sarvotham

CEO Partnerships/Governance

25+ years CXO roles@ StanChart, Misys Citibank and Dresdner

D Chidambaram

Director Product & Customer Experience

8 years NTT Data, Wipro, Specialization in Digital marketing & Communication

Dhatri Rao

Sales & Marketing

MD/CEO for GE Capital KPO Scope International(SCB), Dell International, DXC India

Romi Malhotra


MD for Adhunik Metals, Liberty Steel, Mahindra Sanyo, ALCAN Nigeria

Uday Gupta


30+ years CXO roles @ANZ, DELL-EMC, OTIS

Umesh N V


Expert in Digital Transformation, Financial Services, and Fintech

Ashwin Khorana